Under the auspices of ALT, Mouton de Gruyter publishes a journal catering for the special needs of the typological community. Appearing in three issues a year, LINGUISTIC TYPOLOGY (LT) contains the following regular elements:

  • articles with peer commentary, complementary articles, and perhaps other interactive formats;
  • independent articles;
  • the implications register, documenting the implicational universals on record;
  • language profiles and family records;
  • basic topical bibliographies;
  • highlights from the history of typology;
  • reviews, multiple reviews, book notices, literature surveys

Linguistic Typology appears annually with a total of approximately 500 pages. ALT's membership fee includes subscription to Linguistic Typology. A substantially reduced price will be granted to ALT members. See Join ALT or contact the Secretary-Treasurer of ALT, Dmitry Idyatov, for particulars.

De Gruyter Mouton supports the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications, a portal that provides nationwide access to electronic publications for developing countries. Linguistic Typology is part of the package of linguistics journals that is offered through this portal.

Submitting papers

Submit articles and reviews to the Editor, Frans Plank in electronic form (preferably pdf), accompanied by one printout. Papers will be refereed -- please allow about two months for the referees to do their job and the Editor to respond.

Please follow the Instructions for Contributors. They can be found in the journal, but can also be viewed here.


Subscription to Linguistic Typology is included in ALT membership (see See Join ALT). Non-members and institutions can subscribe by applying to Mouton de Gruyter.

Subscription rates:

  • Institutions/libraries
    • print or online: €259/US$387
    • print and online: €311/US$467
  • ALT regular members
    • print only: €68/US$82 + shipping and handling
    • online only: €68/US$82 (including all back issues)
  • ALT student members
    • print only: €43/US$52 + shipping and handling
    • online only: €43/US$52 (including all back issues)
*North America only.

Institutional subscriptions can be ordered from your local bookseller or subscription agent or directly from de Gruyter Mouton at the following address:

The Americas:
Subscription Office - The Americas
for Walter de Gruyter Inc.
PO Box 830350
Birmingham AL 35202- 0350
Tel.: +1 (205) 995 1567
Tel. Toll-free: +1 (800) 633 4931
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e-mail: degruyterUS [ at ] subscriptionoffice.com

All other countries
orders [ at ] degruyter.com

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